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change management done differently

As a director or entrepreneur in an organization you are used to change on all different levels in all sort of manners. However you have always been wondering if it cannot be done in a different way – without all the struggle, restistance and loose ends. For a change be sure you thought of everything before you get started. For example if a company grows too fast, if a new ownership structure is evolving, if a new business model or market entry needs to be rolled out, if a company is in financial trouble or the founder is simply not anymore happy in the own company. In any case – things need to be done differently! Serious change!

An organization is a group of people who create something together. To effect lasting and ‘lived’ change in an organization it is necessary to work with these same people first. They need a clear sense of direction and a framework of rules of engagement. In combination with allowing them to take responsibility and by giving them the power to decide in equal measures, they can evolve into motivated and happy members of the organization. Trust inspires a person to great feats, rules steer the progress. Only then, together, we start designing processes to help people and if necessary systems to support these processes. First things first!

How can Happy Goose help your organization?

Below you’ll find several situations where Happy Goose can make a difference. Is there anything that sounds familiar to you?

Lots of things are happening in your organization and the world around it. Thats why you keep starting up new improvement projects. But how many did you start in the last 12 months? And how many were completed?

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It’s going well. Actually it is going swell! You just keep growing, but feel that it might be going too fast. Are your people ready for this? And are your processes and systems able to handle it?

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So it came to this, by now you spend a good part of your day controlling employees and colleagues. The other half, it feels like, you spend catching up on protocols, cc Emails and other ‘must knows’. All this effort, and yet the confidence that all is well and on track is slipping..

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You got a fantastic business plan or your start-up has taken off quite spectacularly! You are primed for the next step. But where to begin? And have you a complete overview of all possible scenarions and options?

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Your organization is ambitious, many projects are running. You need all hands on deck! Shame is – the persons you most rely on, the ones you really need, are leaving the company. Why them?!

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You started years ago with a passion for your field. You were doing great and kept growing as a business. But if you see your agenda today, you seem to spend most days with activities you dont really like at all! Is this the way forward?

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Results first – and happiness if we reach them? It usually works the other way round in real life, but what do I target if not results? We do need them! Happy and healthy organizations are just the thing, but how to get there?

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You have a sinking feeling that all is not as it should be. The company is saying and communicating all the right things to employees and customers, yet boths groups are equally unbelieving and unmoved by your effort. What is wrong?

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You work in a selfmanaging team, but things dont work out as promised. Or you consider to give your teams more autonomy, but don’t know where to start? Whats needs be done?

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We are senior executives who have been in leadership responsibility in organizations. We know not only what to do in change processes, we also know what it feels like.



Easily connects on many levels, thinking quickly and creatively, is totally happy when he gets things and people moving.

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A commercially oriented entrepreneur. Only focusing on total value creation makes sense to him. Business is people, thats why he smiles – because ist fun!

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van Beusichem

Crazy about care organizations. Her ultimate goal is to get everone there to work happy and without worry – for the patient.

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A connecting leader that enables people to feel shared ownership for the result of the organization through pride and trust.

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The real deal, if you need a consultant entrepreneur. Quick and sharp, it also helps that he is a great guy.

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Theatre, theatric, Annelies. If your people need to wake up and get involved, Annelies gets them to line up!

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We are experienced professionals in our fields. We are all about mastery of our skill. We add our various skills to organizational change in concert with the change makers.


van de Baan

Full of energy to connect the dots in a way that nobody saw yet. Creative connector in real estate projects for entrepreneurs.


van Huisstede

Has a passion for organizational improvement by combining ICT projects and getting the best out of people. 


van Geel

Absorbes the WHY of your organization, and translates it into a visual representation that pleases your eyes.


van den Broek

Helps your people to gather all data out of your systems in order to transform it into useful information.


de Zeeuw

Ziet dat mensen bereid en geneigd zijn het beste uit zichzelf te halen als zij zich gehoord en gewaardeerd voelen.