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Happy Goose is more than a person that solves some of your problems – it is a hybrid form of change management for organizations, existing of the two components ‘concept’, which is a holistic methodology for change processes, and ‘goose’, who are experienced senior executives who have driven and formed change all their lives. The Happy Goose International network assures that both concept and goose are continously challenged and developed by their peers and international best practice. Also it provides useful skills and specialists in critical phases of a change process. Alltogether – it is our value proposition to you.

What makes a ‘goose’? A Goose or change maker, as we call it, is someone that functions on many different levels to help your organization formulate and execute change. For Management the function is being a sound board who helps to shape ideas and strategies, on a more personal level it is being a coach where individual blockades might impede progress. But also being a consultant to bring in experience and skills from the outside is part of this function. Ultimately a goose does not write you a report, a goose makes change happen.

Our change makers:

Pieter Reijnders

If you are talking about change, you are talking about Pieter. For more than 25 years Pieter has been changing organizations, where his greatest strength is that he is at eye level with both the people on the floor and in the boardroom. He not only helps you to come up with that new strategy, but also translates it in a way that everyone can understand and get enthusiastic about. He connects with people at all levels in the organization, and uses that accumulated knowledge to set the organization in motion and keep things together. His passion is mainly in production and trade companies and industry, but because he also has experience in the world of internet, business & financial services and non-profit organizations, he is actually everywhere in his element. His specialty is dealing with growth, both within the primary process (scaling up activities) and the organization (building an (inter)national growth strategy, how to maintain your own values ​​& culture). His many years of experience as an (interim) director, CEO and entrepreneur made him know how it feels to bear responsibility. Regularly, he is not (only) working with the organization, but he also coaches the entrepreneur or executive in their role. With great enthusiasm and energy, Pieter get things moving wherever he goes. Growth and renewal that continues to grow through your own people, while he’s busy again with new things somewhere else.

Jens Kirchhoff

Jens is a commercially oriented entrepreneur. He loves to learn new things and challenges himself to create a third option, whenever faced with two. He is a leader who leads from within a team in times of rest, and does not hesitate to take charge in times of crisis. Complexity makes Jens curious to know more. He worked in the fields of Etail & Retail, Intralogistics & logistic services, building material supply and trading companies. The skills he gathered in that time range from strategic marketing to international business development, from new market entry to the remodeling of organizations or divisions, value chain optimization from customer to producer to new product development, from start-up/scale-up of organizations to high level strategy formulation. Changemanagement has been a constant companion of Jens during his 15 years in business, from remodeling organizationa and departments after mergers as responsible head of these departments to being a CEO and reshaping a 120 FTE company from manufacturer to a turnkey project solution provider. His most valuable skill is possible the ability to keep his sense of humor in a crisis – or possibly the fact he speaks five languages.

Hanneke van Beusichem

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Sylvia Cox

“What you see is what you get”. Sincere, honest, independent, straight, creative and enthusiastic. Sylvia supports organizations in creating awareness of the necessity of change and realizes the right conditions to enable change. Her careful and inclusive approach ensures a long-term and guaranteed result.
The affinity of Sylvia lies with organizations where social relevance is paramount. With her knowledge and experience in both organizational and financial matters, she easily moves between strategic, tactical and operational topics. Sylvia thrives in a dynamically changing work environment, in which connection must be made between the interests of employees, organizations, governments and financial decision-makers.
In her career, Sylvia successfully completed several change processes with several types of organizations, such as governments, nonprofit and for-profit. In her most recent role as director of a nonprofit organization, she has managed to create an innovative, prosperous and leading organization.

Arnold Oostenbrink

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Annelies Herfst

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